Friday, January 29, 2010


Olive loves the snow so we threw her on our backs and hit the trails. When we let her down, she dives right into he snow. When her tinny paws get cold, she runs back to us and jumps up and down so that we can put her into the bag pack.

Olive is 9 months old and only 5 pounds. We take her every where with us and everyone has to pet and hold her, she loves it. She is a mini pin Chihuahua mix. I hated dogs and never ever thought I would have one. I hated them because they shed, slobber, poop, bark like crazy, have bad breath and scare me. Olive is not really a dog she is like an over sized mouse. The shedding: I have a lint roller on hand at all times. Slobber: She does not slobber. Do little dogs slobber? I dont think so. Poop: We have her house trained (except the accident she had at my sisters the other morning, sorry guys). I wipe her down with baby wipes every time she goes poop. Barking: She only barks when some one comes to the door. Bad breath: We have dogie breath spray for that.

Olives nick names: Pup, Puppy Wup, Baby Olive, Pupa Reno, Reno, Stinky Stinky, Sleepy Sleepy, Sneaky Sneaky, Wiener, Weasel, Weas Ma Geeze, Geezers and the lasted Paper Pooper because she pooped out a big long piece of paper the other day.

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